IVACE - Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial

Comunidad Valenciana

IVACE - Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial


Ciutat Administrativa 9 de Octubre- Torre 2- Calle Democracia, 77 (antes Castán Tobeñas, 77) 46018 Valencia

Tel.: 961 209 600

Contacto: Rafael Escamilla Domínguez

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Objetivos y funciones

The Institute for Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana (IMPIVA) is a public entity of the Generalitat Valenciana region created by the Law of the Generalitat Valenciana 2 / 84 and attached to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and innovation.

Its role is to develop policies for promoting innovation of the Valencian Government in the field of small and medium enterprises. To which the Impiva has programmes to support companies and works with public and private nonprofit serving small and medium enterprises in the fields of:

Technology and R & D
Development and creating undertaken
Quality and environment
Organization and Management
Business Cooperation


Promotes a network infrastructure of technical support services to the PYME:
Technological Institutes: technological assistance
BICs: support for the creation of innovative business projects
Collaboration with business associations in developing strategic actions envisaged in the plans drawn up for major Competitiveness consolidated and emerging sectors within the community of Valencia.
Collaboration with public entities (universities, university institutes, public research centres, chambers of commerce, professional, local development agencies,) and private (business schools, associations, foundations and corporate Clubs) for generating and transferring research results , Knowledge and skills of business management.
Collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade to coordinate actions and facilitate access by SMEs to Valencian programs and services:
CDTI CDTI (Center for Development of Industrial Technology)
Policy Directorate General of the Pime and its subsidiaries: State Society for the Development of design and innovation (DDI), and Empresa Nacional de innovations (Enis). The Impiva managed in Valencia the consolidation plan and Competitiveness of the Pime (PCCP)
Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks. Through the Impiva accessing databases of the SPTO and may be completed all formalities registration of industrial property rights.
Tax relief by investing in R & D. The Impiva is recognized by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) as a certification authority investment in R & D and for the implementation of tax relief measures.
Join and coordinates the participation of corporations and other entities of the Comunidad Valenciana in EU programs.

The performance of the Impiva has resources of the European Union through the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund articulated in the Comunidad Valenciana 2000-2006 Operational Program.